July 15, 2024

Red alert in 17 cities

Red alert in 17 cities

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Volunteers from the Italian Red Cross distribute water to tourists in front of the Colosseum in Rome on a hot summer’s day. (File photo) © IMAGO/Matteo Nardone

The Nero Desert High hits Italy and brings tremendous heat. Alerts have already been sounded in a number of cities.

Rome – In Italy, Emperor Nero is synonymous with fire – he reigned in AD 64 when much of Rome burned down. Nomen est omen, it can be said at the moment, because the African high pressure area is currently the oppressive area Heat over the Italian boot Engines, named Nero.

“The stifling heat will break all records with five consecutive days of scorching temperatures,” he writes Republica For the current weather forecast in Italy. Although this is supposed to be the last heat peak of summer 2023, the forecast is quite unusual: Nero Italia will have a temperature rise of nearly 38 degrees on at least five consecutive days by Saturday (August 26).

Desert heat hits Italy: Nero heats up

According to current Italy forecasts meteo.it Are you going into heat? Italy intensified in the coming days. In addition, the humidity will increase. Tropical nights with over 22 degrees are waiting for you. The desert air that Nero brings to Europe pushes temperatures ten to twelve degrees above the average for the current time point.

The central and northern regions of Italy are particularly exposed to the heat wave. Temperatures will reach at least 37 degrees in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont. On the other hand, the heat will be less intense in the south. Only the cities of Taranto, Caserta, Syracuse and Agrigento, as well as the Ionian coast of Basilicata, reach almost 36 degrees. Otherwise, the thermometer will stagnate at 32 to 34 degrees.

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Red heat alert in Italy: 17 cities affected – all tourist hotspots affected

That is why a red heat alert has now been issued in 17 cities. while noisy I forget Now no single city has a normal green warning level. Currently in red are: Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Frosinone, Latina, Palermo, Perugia, Rieti, Rome, Verona and Turin. In addition, the orange alert level currently applies in Genoa, Milan, Naples, Trieste and Venice. Accordingly, there are risks for the “vulnerable population”. However, these cities will also switch to the red warning area on Tuesday (August 22).

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, the red alert level means “an emergency situation that may have a negative impact on the health of active young people.” The elderly, children and the sick are particularly at risk. The Department of Health provides the following behavioral advice for cities with a red alert level:

  • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity at these times.
  • Spend the hottest part of the day in the coolest room in the house, dousing yourself with cold water frequently.
  • Spend a few hours in an air-conditioned public place, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing made of natural fibers (such as cotton and linen), cover your head with a light-colored hat, and wear sunglasses.
  • Drink fluids, soft or moderately sugary drinks, tea and coffee. In addition, avoid very cold drinks and alcoholic beverages.

After that, Italy seems to have escaped the heat for the time being. As of August 27, a cyclone from the United Kingdom could provide cooling. Then temperatures can drop by ten to twelve degrees. However, there is also a risk of violent storms, hail and gusts of wind, like this one Republica mentioned.

Heat also has dire consequences for plants and animals. even spreads around The increasing appearance of the blue crab is a major danger to fishermen.