October 5, 2023

GTA: The Trilogy: Rockstar promises a patch, the return of the classics

Photo: Rockstar

Taking old games out of sale, taking action against mods and releasing defective remasters: Rockstar’s handling of the GTA Trilogy has left a positive backlash. With the first patch and a slight turnaround, the company is now trying to limit the damage.

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On the company’s blog, the publisher apologizes for the problems. Rockstar writes that the state of the games does not meet their quality standards. At the same time, there is also talk of “unexpected technical problems”. This seems hard to imagine, developers and therefore publishers usually know exactly the condition of their products.

It is clear that outrage over unfinished games has once again led to ugly transgressions. At the same time, Rockstar requests that members of the Grove Street Games development team not be harassed via social networks. This retribution justice doesn’t even get to the right person: Ultimately, the publisher is responsible for publishing and ensuring quality.

There is also a first update on the consoles. according to Correction notes Fixed a rain display issue, among other things. In its original state, this severely restricted the show. Further corrections must be pursued until the transformers meet the company’s quality standards.

The classics are back

The fact that unfinished products are released is one thing about this. If the classics are pressed from the sale and the modern at the same time, then at the same time the impression arises that the purchase of the 60-euro expensive copy should be categorically transferred. On that point, Rockstar is now solidifying its image. GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas will be back on sale in the original versions at an as yet unknown date, but it will only be offered via the unpopular Rockstar Games Launcher and in a bundle. Anyone who purchases the Trilogy by June 30, 2022 will also get the older versions at no additional charge. These are not particularly good conditions, which is why a little must change in the end: old things remain unattractive when purchased individually.

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