October 3, 2023

Fires in Canada: 155,000 evacuated due to wildfires

Climate change

Fires in Canada: 155,000 evacuated due to wildfires

How do forest fires occur?

How do forest fires occur?

During the summer months, drought and heat increase the risk of wildfires. Most wildfires are man-made.

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There are more than 670 wildfires burning in Canada, more than 380 of which are uncontrolled. Read here why you should go the extra mile.

Berlin. Canada is facing one of the biggest challenges in its history: devastating wildfires are spreading across large parts of the country. The dimensions of fire threaten not only the animal and plant world, but also people. To be around from the beginning of May 155,000 people People living in Heidelberg were evacuated from their homes due to fire.

Wildfires in Canada: Wildfire season is far from over

“From Discharges “From poor air quality to extreme heat warnings, we are experiencing the reality of the effects of climate change,” said Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. No other country in the past 40 years has seen so many people evacuated due to forest fires. And: A breakthrough is not currently in sight.

According to official figures, more than 670 fires broke out across the country on Friday. Of those, more than 380 lost control. The Wildfire season It will take at least three months, said Michael Norton of Natural Resources Canada (NRC). The weather forecast backs up his statement: they predict above-average temperatures for the coming weeks.

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Canada: The scale of the wildfires is so bad

The government has now announced additional measures in the fight against fires. “Coupled with long-term investments in fighting forest fire “In mitigating and adapting to climate change, Canada will continue to protect homes, livelihoods and communities while addressing climate change, the root cause of these increased fires,” said Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

In Canada Nine million hectares of land have already been destroyed by forest fires – eleven times the average of the past ten years. This amount already exceeds the entire annual record of 1989. Western and northern Quebec are particularly affected. Canada’s largest province asked for international support to fight the fires in June.

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In March 2023, the first forest fire occurred in Canada. Since May, they have been spreading at alarming rates – favored by severe droughts and heat waves as a result of climate change. The consequences Forest fires are already being felt around the world. The smoke traveled through Chicago and New York to Spain, Portugal and even Germany. (soj/AFP)

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