April 25, 2024

Gemischte Bewertungen - Windows 11 ist ab sofort verfügbar

Does Windows 11 run on Pentium 4?

Since Windows 11 was first introduced, fans have been concerned about the stringent hardware requirements. A rusty Pentium 4 is clearly enough.

The basics in brief

  • Many reasonably updated computers don’t have enough performance for Windows 11.
  • Some 8th generation Intel processors are no longer suitable.
  • A strange bug now tempts the Pentium 4 from 2006.

Since the beginning of the month, fans and interested parties from all over the world have been able to use the new Windows 11 installation on their computer. At least, as long as the hardware meets the stringent hardware requirements. Because for Windows 11, a processor with at least one GHz and a core is required. or?

Windows 11 Pentium 4 Edition?

the form Microsoft The application presented to test the performance of the processor is satisfied with the Pentium 4. At least nevertheless Twitter– The user «Carlos_SM1995» who did this with his 15-year-old Intel processor model Try.

Of course, this is wrong, because the Pentium 4 does not even have a true double core. The MicrosoftIt appears that the “computer health check” application With these old processors Simply not familiar.

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