May 23, 2024

Microsoft is phasing out Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft is phasing out Universal Windows Platform

There will be no more feature updates for Universal Windows Platform in the future. Microsoft promises only security and bug fixes.

The basics in brief

  • The Windows public platform for application development is coming to an end.
  • Microsoft will no longer provide any new feature updates to UWP in the future.
  • The new Windows SDK and WinUI 3 will be used for this in the future.

There is currently exciting news from Microsoft for Windows app developers. Previously Used Universal Windows Platform (UWP) It will be discontinued soon. Redmond will only provide security patches and bug fixes in the future.

Developers must say goodbye to Universal Windows Platform

In the notification, the company informs This is for future application development A new solution is used. Microsoft now offers the Windows App SDK with WinUI 3 for this. The decision should simply help enrich the Microsoft Store with new applications, as is the case with “Golem”. UWP is still supported by the Windows App SDK.

Thus, direct change is not yet necessary for developers and not necessarily recommended. WinUI 3 Still under development And various UWP functions are still missing.

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