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Current power outage in Tangermünde on September 2, 2023: These disturbances exist

On Friday evening, there was a power outage in Tangermonde in ZIP code 39590. Other parts of the area are also currently affected by power grid outages. You can find out all the information about the power outage in Tangermünde since September 1, 2023 and what you can do now here on

Suddenly it got dark in the house, what now? Power outages have different causes. Image: Adobe Stock/Evgen

Breakdowns and maintenance in Tangermünde currently

The portal currently reports a total of 4 outages in Tangermünde that are the responsibility of the network operator Avacon AG. In the city of Tangermünde in Saxony-Anhalt, homes only lose electricity for 17 minutes per year on average. In general, the German electricity grid is very stable. In the vast majority of cases, there are “only” very limited low-voltage faults locally. In the following overview you will find all the information about crash reports in the region.

The following disturbances are currently occurring in Tangermünde on September 2, 2023

Electricity grid operator Avacon AG is registered in the region Chausseestraße (within a radius of about 1 km) in Buch, Tangermünde (postal code 39590, Stendal) disturbance. So far, no residents have openly reported any disturbances. The problem is said to exist since September 1, 2023 at 11:06 PM and technicians are on duty. It is not yet known when the problem is expected to be resolved. Unfortunately, the network operator did not provide any further details about the outage.

In addition, Avacon AG is responsible for the area Köckter Weg (and within a radius of about 1 km) in Bölsdorf, Tangermünde (postal code 39590, Stendal) We have been informed of the known bug since September 1, 2023 at 11:06 PM, and a fix is ​​not yet in sight. But so far no residents have explicitly reported any outages. More detailed information is not available from the network operator.

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Network operator Avacon AG also provides information on Broad street (within a radius of about 1 km) in Buch, Tangermund (postal code 39590, Stendal) About a temporary problem in the electricity network. Technicians have been involved in the repair since September 1, 2023 at 11:06 p.m. Repairs are scheduled to be completed by 12:30 a.m.

In addition, since September 1, 2023 at 11:06 PM in the area Broad street (within a radius of about 1 km) in Buch, Tangermund (postal code 39590, Stendal) Power grid problems that, according to current knowledge, are only local. The responsible supplier, Avacon AG, is currently working to resolve the issue, which needs to be done as soon as possible. Detailed information about the incident is not available from the network operator.

(As of: September 2, 2023, 2:28 AM)

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Reporting a power outage in Tangermünde: Who can I contact in the event of a power outage?

If you are affected by a power outage, first stay calm and check whether the fuse in the fuse box has tripped due to an overload, for example. Do not immediately report a power outage to the police or fire department rescue control centers; In most cases there is no emergency. So the correct address is your energy supplier.

Here you will find the contact details of your Avacon contact person.

What is the situation with the German electricity grid?

The German electricity grid is 1.8 million kilometers long. To ensure that electricity reaches where it is needed, there is an advanced grid infrastructure that is divided into different voltage levels. The so-called Transmission System Operators, or TSOs for short, are responsible for national distribution in the high voltage range. In Germany there are four transport system operators that divide the federal territory geographically: Tennet in the north-south axis from Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria, Umbreon in the west, 50Hz in the east in the area of ​​the new federal states and TransnetBW. in Baden-Württemberg. Their networks are connected to low-voltage distribution network operators via substations. Distribution grid operators are local or municipal power supply companies, such as large-scale municipal utilities, that ultimately provide electricity to consumers.

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Differences in power grid failures in comparison

Power grid outages occur from time to time, even if they are mostly only regional and temporary. In Germany, a lot of efforts are being made in all areas to ensure uninterrupted energy supply; Statistically speaking, German households have to live without electricity for an average of less than 20 minutes a year. In the UK it is already more than an hour per year, and in some European countries like Poland or Italy it is more than 3 hours.

A comparison of federal states by the Federal Grid Agency shows that the main figures for outages range from 9 to 19 minutes. Rhineland-Palatinate (about 19 minutes annually) and Brandenburg (about 17 minutes) top the list, followed closely by Saxony-Anhalt (16 minutes). Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hesse, Bavaria, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein are the least prone to blackouts (about 9 minutes each).

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