September 30, 2023

Current power outage Bruckmühl on 09/11/2023: Current outages in the electricity network

In Brockmuhl, power went out in the evening hours in the Wagener area or on Sunday. You can find out about all the notifications regarding power outages in Brockmuhl since September 10, 2023, and how you can optimally prepare, here on

When it gets dark suddenly: Power outages are not the norm in Germany, but they can happen sometimes. Photo: Adobe Stock / Mediterraneo

Breakdowns and maintenance at BrockMall currently

On average, residents of Bavaria have to survive without electricity for approximately 9 minutes throughout the year. Power outages are by no means the norm, not even in Brockmall. In most cases, low voltage faults are recorded affecting only one or a few households. There is currently a message listed for the city of Bruckmühl, according to the portal. The responsible electricity supplier, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, reports an outage in the supply area. All detailed information about possible and current network problems can be found here in the overview.

The following disturbances are currently taking place on September 11, 2023 in Brockmall

Network issues are currently spreading across the region Bachwiesenweg, Thalham (and within a radius of about 1 km) in Wagener Au, Bruckmühl (postal code 83052, Rosenheim district). Unfortunately, detailed information is not available from the responsible network administrator Bayernwerk Netz GmbH. The difficulties have been known since 10 September 2023 at 8:15pm, although no local residents have explicitly reported a failure to date. Mechanics are currently working to eliminate the cause, and restoration should be completed as soon as possible.

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(As of: September 11, 2023 at 2:28 AM)

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Reporting a power outage in BrockMall: How do I know who is responsible for reporting my outage?

One thing is certain: a power outage is not an emergency. Call the police or fire department emergency numbers only in emergency situations. Instead, first try to find out if the problem is only in your apartment, for example due to a blown fuse in your fuse box. If not, go to your electricity network operator’s crash reporting page and report your incident there.

You can find the Bayernwerk Nets error removal hotline here.

What you as an affected person should pay attention to

If you notice problems with your power supply, there could be different reasons. However, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem yourself first. Often this is not an electrical fault at all, and in most cases the fuse in the circuit is simply tripped for protection reasons. So, first check your fuse box to see if the fuse has blown. If so, disconnect all consumers that may be the cause from the network and turn the fuse back on. If the problem is not resolved, there is most likely damage to the power line in the circuit. At this point, you should consult a specialist. If the power outage extends beyond your home, the power grid may already be down. A power outage alone is not an emergency! Do not call the emergency numbers of the police or fire department directly. Instead, contact your energy supplier.

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Frequent supply interruptions

Power grid outages occur from time to time, even if they are usually only regional and temporary. In Germany, a lot of efforts are being made in all areas to ensure uninterrupted energy supply; Statistically speaking, German families have to live without electricity for less than 20 minutes on average per year. In the UK, it is already more than an hour per year, and in some European countries such as Poland or Italy, it is more than 3 hours.

The Federal Grid Agency’s comparison of federal states shows that headline numbers for power outages range between 9 and 19 minutes. Rhineland-Palatinate (about 19 minutes per year) and Brandenburg (about 17 minutes) top the list, closely followed by Saxony-Anhalt (16 minutes). Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hessen, Bavaria, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein are the least vulnerable to power outages (about 9 minutes each).

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