December 4, 2023

Barbie: The Movie Breaks Next Box Office Record

“Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, was a box office hit. Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Barbie continues to chase record after record at the box office. The next milestone has now been reached: Greta Gerwig is the most successful director in the United States to date.

The hype surrounding Greta Gerwig’s current “Barbie” movie, 40, has not died down. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter Now, the film starring Margot Robbie (33 years old) and Ryan Gosling (42 years old) has now reached another stage. Thanks to her work, Gerwig is now the most successful director of all time at the American box office. Most recently, it was overtaken by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck’s “Frozen 2,” which has so far grossed US$477.4 million (about €435 million).

“Barbie” currently grosses around $500 million, but the trend is still on the rise. Incidentally, “Barbie” is actually the 20th most successful film of all time in the United States. Gerwig is also now the highest-grossing female director of a live-action film at the global box office, surpassing Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Captain Marvel.

The movie “Barbie” has broken many box office records since its inception

Barbie has broken many records since the beginning. The film grossed $155 million (about €140 million) in its first weekend in the United States. Never in the history of Hollywood has a film directed by a woman achieved greater first-day sales in the United States than “Barbie.” The record was previously held by “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins (52 years old), as of 2017, with $103 million. As for the movie “Captain Marvel,” which was co-directed by two people, Anna Boden (43 years old) and Ryan Fleck (46 years old), it earned “only” $153 million.

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Barbie has also broken other, smaller records, according to The Hollywood Reporter.: $155 million is the best first-weekend box office result for lead actors Ryan Gosling (age 42) and Margot Robbie (age 33). What’s more, it’s the best opening for a movie based on a game (formerly “Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon” with about $116 million) and the strongest first three days for a Warner movie yet to come out. DC Universe or is it a sequel.

This means that “Barbie” will likely become the biggest hit movie of 2023 in the next few weeks. The Nintendo adventure starring Mario and Luigi currently holds that position with $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office. However, Barbie has already broken the billion vote barrier…