December 8, 2023

Cities: Skylines II: Eight massive region packs have been announced

Renovation on the horizon: City-building game Cities: Skylines II, which has been criticized for its performance, is getting eight massive region packs containing hundreds of assets.

Cities: Skylines II currently needs patches rather than new content, but if you’re hoping for more, we’ve got good news. Colossal Order has announced that eight massive region packs are in the works, which will be available via Paradox Mod Distribution. The new packages will include Japan, the United Kingdom, the US East Coast, the US West Coast, China, France, Eastern Europe and Germany.

Packs give you over 2,500 new assets for your cities. What’s special: The packs come from different content creators. “We’ve teamed up with some of your favorite authors, including Titan, bsquiklehousen, Darf, RichardShi, MacWelshman, Badi_Dea, Hilfebold, Gurny and many more to bring you 8 free region packs, coming soon to Paradox Mods,” the announcement read.

But a specific date for the free packages has not been set yet, and the announcement is limited to “soon.” Colossal Order still has a lot of other things to do anyway, as the game is currently still suffering from major performance issues and some bugs even after the first patch. Poor optimization may have been the reason why the console releases were delayed until next year.

Or as colleague Andre said in his review of Cities: Skylines II: “Ultimately, Cities: Skylines 2 is a promise for the future, a foundation that is currently still crumbling, but on which an impressive building could one day rise. The potential of the game is huge, but in its current form there are unfortunately still too many construction sites left.” “

Cities: Skylines II – Region Pack Teaser

Cities: Skylines II gets eight massive area packs created by and from well-known creators.