December 11, 2023

Sony sells PlayStation 5 directly to fans

Sony sells PlayStation 5 directly to fans

In the upcoming Christmas season, the demand for next-generation consoles is likely to increase again. Sony launches direct sales of PlayStation 5.

The basics in brief

  • To this day, the search for a next-generation console is like a game of chance.
  • In order to save all fans for Christmas, Sony has started a direct sale of the PS5.
  • The program currently only works in the USA.

Since launching the next generation of consoles nearly a year ago, demand has been significantly higher than availability. Scalpers continues to do business by clearing stocks and reselling consoles at exorbitant prices. Sony now wants to make sure fans can get their PlayStation 5 under the Christmas tree just in time for Christmas.

PlayStation 5 goes straight to fans in the US

At least in the US, Sony has now launched software that fans can use to secure the console. Interested parties only have to register with their PSN account. One console is registered to one account at a time. This is to prevent individuals from purchasing large quantities of the console.

However, registration does not necessarily guarantee a console here either. Additionally, the program currently operates only in the United States. However, a similar system may soon be introduced in Europe as well.

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