Canada: Lightning ignites wildfires after heat wave

Lightning strikes cause devastating forest fires


On the country’s western coast, new records were recently measured, with nearly 50 degrees Celsius. Now forest fires are raging there. Thousands of people were asked to reach safety.

Watch the video: Lightning strikes cause devastating wildfires in Canada.

Increasing lightning strikes in western Canada have caused several wildfires in the past two days. In the coastal province of British Columbia alone, 130 sources of fire were initially attributed to lightning. Experts believe that the heat wave created high levels of moisture in the atmosphere. That forms the basis of thunderstorms: After days of record temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius, flames scorched the western Canadian town of Lytton this week. A wildfire engulfed the community of 250 and spread quickly in the sweltering temperatures and drought. The fireball devoured house after house. A member of parliament from the area said 90 percent of the village was destroyed, and according to a media report, a couple, over 60, were killed. On Wednesday, residents were asked to reach safety. However, according to the authorities, some people were missing. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. On Wednesday, a new temperature record for Canada was measured in Lytton with 49.6 degrees Celsius. Additional evacuation orders were issued amid several other whale fires in the area. More than 1,000 people had to reach safety quickly.

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