Wildfires in Canada continue to burn – despite the cold

In British Columbia alone, 136 fires have been recorded, Wildfire Service’s Cliff Chapman announced Friday. There were 12,000 thunderbolts in one day. This resulted in most of the forest fires. After the record high of about 45 degrees Celsius, the temperatures are now down, but still above average, Chapman said.

The small town of Lytton, where a record temperature of 49.6 degrees Celsius was measured earlier this week, has been almost completely destroyed by a rapidly spreading fire. More than 1,000 people were forced to flee the city and the surrounding area in a hurry on Thursday night. The authorities assume that two people were killed there. On Friday, the forensic medicine announced that sending investigators to the site of the fire disaster was still very dangerous.

Many buildings were destroyed in the fire

In California, too, hot, dry weather has exacerbated the fire situation. In the north, three major fires broke out, sometimes displacing thousands of people. However, many residents were able to go home on Friday. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that several buildings in the rural area were destroyed. The vegetation has already dried up because it is usually seen through the end of August, a spokeswoman for the Forestry Agency for the Shasta Trinity National Forest said.

In British Columbia, a dangerous heat wave has contributed to hundreds of deaths, according to authorities. The coroner said Friday that within a week, 719 sudden and unexpected deaths were reported in the county. This is three times more than usual. The authority assumes that the sharp increase is related to the extreme heat.

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