May 27, 2024

Great Britain wants to immediately deport asylum seekers without valid documents to Rwanda in the future.

Despite massive international criticism of Great Britain's planned asylum agreement with Rwanda, the FDP parliamentary group is pushing for similar models to be explored in Germany. “I think it would be right if we think about carrying out asylum procedures in third countries outside Europe,” FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Toure told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Thursday). “With a legally secure regulation, we can create clarity about the security situation and prevent people from taking the dangerous route through the Mediterranean without the possibility of accommodation.” He urged that the possibility of such procedures be explored immediately.

Britain's parliament passed a controversial asylum deal with Rwanda on Tuesday night. Asylum seekers who arrive in Great Britain without the correct documents will in future be immediately deported to the East African country. They can claim asylum there, but they will no longer be allowed to travel to Great Britain – regardless of their origin. International criticism was overwhelming.

Central Govt has verified the model

Britain's plans are also eagerly followed in Germany. The Union has long pushed for the transfer of asylum procedures to countries outside the EU. The central government has promised that the examination will be conducted for the states. The first results should be presented at the next Prime Minister's Conference on June 20.

At a press conference with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Berlin on Wednesday, chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) declined to comment on whether the British model could be a model for Germany. Instead, he noted measures already taken to prevent irregular immigration to Germany and Europe.

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According to the news magazine “Der Spiegel”, 13 German politicians wrote to Sunak against the British plans. According to the report, signatories include the Greens and Social Democrats and Union MP Knut Abraham.