May 22, 2024

Boris Becker was jailed for several months in Great Britain, after which he still had to serve part of his sentence.

Former tennis star Boris Becker has taken a remarkable step towards normalcy two years after serving a British prison sentence. Becker's German lawyer told the German Press Agency on Thursday that the 56-year-old is no longer bankrupt. The British Insolvency Service confirmed to dpa that Becker's bankruptcy will be discharged this Saturday (April 27). Upon discharge from bankruptcy, all requirements related to this procedure end.

“Boris Becker's personal bankruptcy, which opened in 2017 as a result of an agreement with his bankruptcy administrators, was legally terminated by a decision of the High Court in London yesterday,” said a statement from lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser. The court ordered immediate write-off of the remaining debt. This means “our client is released from further liabilities arising from bankruptcy debts”.

For Becker, London is both a pride and a tragedy

It means London is once again living up to its reputation as the fate of a German sporting idol, with the former exceptional athlete's pride and tragedy reflected here. Almost 40 years ago, Leimenor's star rose in the British capital when he won the world's biggest tennis tournament for the first time at Wimbledon in 1985. Two more victories on the “holy turf” followed, with Becker also winning English hearts with his often sensational efforts – and cementing his image in Germany as the eternal “17 years from Lyman”.

But London had its drawbacks for Becker. After all, the once shining tennis hero suffered his biggest defeat here on April 29, 2022 when he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in a windowless courtroom. Becker hid assets worth millions from his bankruptcy trustees.

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Imprisonment was a harsh experience for the former world star. In prison he came into contact with violent criminals, some of whom wanted to arrest him but others protected him, Becker later recounted in sensational interviews. Time passed faster than expected: due to special regulations for foreign prisoners, the German was released in December 2022.

The bankruptcy proceedings continued after his release from prison

But bankruptcy proceedings continued. Becker had to hand over a portion of the income he received, for example, from advertising, interviews and other orders, to his bankrupt executors. It has now come to an end. It is unclear under what circumstances. It is confidential, according to a statement released by attorney Moser. Becker “will not comment further at this time on the process or other details.”

This means Becker's important construction sites have been destroyed. But there is one thing: the special regulation he benefited from at the time states that foreigners are immediately deported to their home country after early release from prison and are initially barred from entering Great Britain. But here, too, time speaks for Becker. According to British media reports, the German will not be allowed to return to his adopted homeland until October 2024. More recently, he and his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro have made Milan their new home.

Wimbledon is in my DNA

And then? Will Becker report from Wimbledon for the BBC as he has done before? While in Germany in the years before his conviction he was only in the news and his relationships and affairs drew ridicule, in Great Britain he was always respected as a television commentator with expertise and good English.

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In 2023, he could only comment from afar on his favorite race for Sky Italia. But he could theoretically be live again next year. “We are working towards 2025,” Becker said at the recent Laureus World Sports Awards in Madrid. “It's a part of my life. It's in my DNA, there's no denying it.” So will he once again sit in his former “living room” commentary box? “I believe.” It will be a fitting return in his anniversary year – and a great one will come full circle.