June 20, 2024

Dean turns KSK upside down

Dean turns KSK upside down

Target their commander: KSK soldiers who lament the loss of “Pride and Honor”
Photo: dpa

Marcus Kretemire leads and repairs Bundeswehr KSK. Some praise him, others express his anger at the Dean.

MThe arkus Kreitmayr must have dawned early on that things were going wrong with the Bundeswehr Special Forces Command. As Dean of Wired in June 2018 Assembly, in a nutshell KSKTakes the reins, she’s always been brewing something on Calw. But only beginners could guess what the storm was approaching. Kreitmayr was an initiative. The highly decorated officer knew the conspiratorial community in the Zeppelin Barracks before. He probably already knew her so well that he could no longer look at her away. When he came, the local Black Forest newspaper wrote that Cremeyer was commanding forces in good positions.

The Black Forest was not alone in this: “Every war needs its heroes. This is what Munich Magazine looks like.” Kremimer might be proud of his new job. However, the local press said that there was a serious problem in Kalou: the soldiers’ rooms were simply too small. Renovation is planned, new has already begun. After a few months, the whole thing is out of control. The renovation of the reception halls led to a complete renovation of the association, and perhaps even its demolition. Kreitmayr has its share in this.