March 2, 2024

Amazon show “The Grand Tour”: TV entertainment for special friends

Political correctness is not one of the “Grand Tour’s” strengths. In the opening episode of the new third season of PS on Amazon Prime Video, car enthusiasts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May visit the American motoring powerhouse of Detroit.

Clarkson points out that in just a few decades, the Motor City has seen a decline from the richest city in America to the poorest city in the United States. “Except Hiroshima,” Hammond babbles. Any TV presenter at any public broadcaster would have been fired for such a remark, but on “The Grand Tour,” Hammond’s fellow roster member May reached out to Pompey. Celebrated by fans at the tent in the English Cotswolds, the presenting trio present their travel adventures – as well as daring missions around the world.

The Grand Tour grew out of the BBC’s Top Gear motoring magazine, which at its peak had an audience of 350 million viewers worldwide until a falling out between Clarkson and the broadcaster in 2015. Although the show continues to air BBC’s Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond and May turned to streaming service Amazon.

Corvette Exorcist vs Ford Mustang Demon

The Grand Tour brings together a community of horsepower junkies who thoroughly enjoy watching American muscle cars like the Corvette Exorcist or Ford Mustang Demon smoke their tires and talk about Teslas. Other vehicle programs may explain the advantages and disadvantages of four-wheeled vehicles for individual transportation. In the Grand Tour, adrenaline junkies like to measure which 800-horsepower car makes the most noise. “The Grand Tour” is pure entertainment. High block for powerful car icons.

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With dialogue that resembles something out of a Muppet show and constant friction, the presenters remind us of hormone-driven teenagers, even though everyone has long since passed fifty, and Clarkson and May in particular can’t get behind sports steering wheels with their bellies. Every mishap of a colleague is acknowledged with malicious glee.

The new season certainly does justice to the show’s title. Clarkson, Hammond and May are touring stronger than ever. The program includes Mongolia, China, Colombia and others. The picturesque landscape serves one purpose above all: it provides the most impressive backdrop possible for the three boys and their expensive toys. Kurt Sagatz
The Grand Tour, Season 3, on Amazon Prime Video, starting Friday.