February 24, 2024

Important to represent the Queen: Prince Harry keeps his home in England

Important to represent the Queen
Prince Harry maintains his home in England

Prince Harry now spends most of his time with his family in the United States of America. However, the King maintains his expensive home on the Windsor Castle estate. Not only does this make future visits to her ancient habitat easier, but it may also be due to the queen’s health.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have extended their home contract in England. As reported by The Telegraph, the previous contract for Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle was set to expire on March 31. The fact that he is now extending this order will enable Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson to continue representing the King as an advisor if things take a turn for the worse, even though he lives permanently in California. An address in Great Britain is a prerequisite for this role, but a State Counselor can still reside abroad.

The position of Counselor of State is held by the first four adults in line to the British throne: Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. They can take over the queen’s work if she becomes temporarily ill.

Until now, this advice has not received much attention, but due to health and legal problems it has increasingly become the focus of attention of the British public. Shortly before Christmas, the 95-year-old Queen had to take a doctor-prescribed break. Shortly afterwards, 73-year-old Charles contracted coronavirus again. Meanwhile, Prince William was on a trip abroad. Prince Harry spent the beginning of the year at his new home in California.

Prince Andrew, 62, was also unable to attend; He resigned from his public duties due to his possible involvement in the Epstein scandal. The next person in line to the throne will be his daughter, Princess Beatrice. However, the 33-year-old can only move to the Council of State with the approval of the British Parliament, which will have to bring new legislation into existence, according to The Telegraph.

The house is for his cousin

Residency in the UK could also play a role in the dispute over police protection for Prince Harry and his family. Only recently, according to media reports, the King’s legal representatives made it clear that he wants to visit Great Britain with his two-year-old son Archie, his eight-month-old daughter Lilibet and Duchess Meghan. However, the family is afraid because they consider the trip without police protection too dangerous. Therefore, the Prince found that the security precautions that Harry enjoyed during his last visit in the summer of 2021 were insufficient.

According to his legal team, the Duke of Sussex “of course” wants to visit his home country “to see family and friends and continue to support charities that are very close to his heart. Above all, this is his home and always will be.” “However, a complete move to Great Britain would be out of the question for the Duke of Sussex, his spokesman was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. “There are no plans to make changes to the current arrangement.”

Shortly before their move to the US, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had their Frogmore Cottage expensively renovated. They are said to have paid the costs of £2.4 million (about €2.9 million) plus rent until March 2022 in September 2020. The house is currently occupied by Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie, her husband Jack Brooksbank, and their son August.

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