February 25, 2024

The US Vice President and her husband live in extreme luxury

Joe Biden is already settled into the White House with his wife Jill and his running mate will be moving in soon as well. Kamala Harris will move into a traditional home with her family. An introduction video to her husband.

It is known that the President of the United States lives and works in the White House. Joe Biden, who was recently sworn in, has moved in with his wife, Jill. His deputy, Kamala Harris, also has an office next to her boss. But where will the vice president live?

From Los Angeles to Washington, DC

Until now, Kamala Harris has lived with her husband, Doug Emhoff, in her native California, specifically in Los Angeles. They had a house in the posh Brentwood area next to Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner. But the couple’s new home in Washington, D.C., is no less luxurious.

Kamala and Doug move into a stately 19th-century home on the grounds of the Naval Observatory Research Institute. “Observatory Circle Number One” is the official title. In 1975, the house was declared the residence of the Vice President, and Joe Biden also lived there during his time in office under Barack Obama.

Swimming pool, golf course, etc.

It is equipped with about 15 living rooms, bedrooms, offices, a fitness room of about 50 square meters, as well as a swimming pool and jacuzzi. The furnishings are in colonial style, but the seat upholstery and wallpaper are changed according to the owner’s taste.

According to Fox News, Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff still have to be a little patient before they can move into their new home, because some cosmetic repairs are currently being made there. Until that is finalized, the couple will live at Blair’s home near the White House, which usually serves as accommodation for the president’s guests.