December 5, 2023

Year Abroad 2024: Current eBook “Student Exchange and Gap Year – Dream Destination Canada”

Dream Destination Canada: Niagara Falls (Photo: Foundation for International Understanding)

Practical information for young people planning a year abroad in Canada in 2024


Many young people want to discover the world. That’s why there are exchange programs, especially student exchanges during school hours and gap year programs after school. Canada is the number 1 dream destination after the United States.

The application phase for 2024 abroad starts this week. Against this backdrop, the non-profit Foundation for International Understanding has revised its e-book “Student Exchange and Gap Year: Dream Destination Canada” to reflect the current situation.

The e-book provides an overview of important topics: the education system in Canada, student exchange opportunities, high school and gap year stays in Canada. and concrete steps for planning. Cost saving options and funding sources. Empirical reports, literature references, and checklists are fully contained within the e-book. Details can be found here

The e-book can be ordered for a nominal fee from the Foundation: Student Exchange and Gap Year: Dream Destination Canada, 30 pages, e-book as PDF, 9.99 euros (ISBN 978-3-949896-07-1) Email: [email protected].

The German Foundation for International Understanding is a non-profit foundation. In the area of ​​school and student exchange, the foundation is involved in providing scholarships, travel to world trade fairs throughout Germany ( and outputs. With information and comparison portal The Foundation provides independent information on the Internet. The next trade fair will be held on October 7, 2023 in Hamburg instead.

Text: German Foundation for International Understanding / Editorial Board

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