December 4, 2023

Britain promises Ukraine and “more things” to its own soldiers.

New articles The NATO U-Turn

Britain promises Ukraine and “more things” to its own soldiers.

Kyiv reports the progress of the counterattack

Kiev declares victory again on the counterattack. However, our Moscow correspondent Christoph Wanner does not believe a “significant progress” has been made so far.

NATO faces another U-turn: Britain’s defense minister is currently negotiating the transfer of training missions to Ukraine. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was quick to qualify his defense minister’s comments.

GBritain’s defense minister, Grant Shabbs, has announced that for the first time British troops could also be sent to Ukraine. In an interview with the newspaper “telegraph” Shops said that he had spoken to the army leadership about this. According to its own information, Great Britain has already trained more than 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers on British soil since the beginning of 2022.

Talks about relocating to Ukraine an official, British-led training mission for Ukrainian soldiers. So far, these exercises have taken place elsewhere in NATO countries, including the UK and Germany.

Shapps also said he had discussed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky what role the British navy could play in protecting cargo ships in the Black Sea after a visit to Kiev last week. Russia threatened attacks in July by canceling a deal to export Ukrainian grain held by Turkey and the UN.

Sunak criticizes reporting errors – it’s not about the “here and now”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose first party conference as Tory leader began at the weekend, was quick to put his defense minister’s comments into perspective. There were errors in the reporting, Sunak told reporters on Sunday. Plans are long term and not “here and now”. Schabbs talked about the possibility at some point in the future. No British soldiers were sent to fight in the current conflict.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has previously ruled out deploying NATO forces to Ukraine. With Britain’s plans, the defense alliance will move away from this status quo.

Shops doesn’t just think about training assignments. “I think there’s an opportunity now to do more things in the country, not just education, especially in the western part of the country,” he told the Telegraph. British aerospace and defense company BAE has moved some of its production to Ukraine. “I’m keen for other UK companies to do their part by doing the same.”

Shops did not provide a timetable, but gave the impression that there are plans for the future. “I think there’s an opportunity now to do more things in the country, especially in the west of the country, not just education,” Shabbs told the Sunday Telegraph. British aerospace and defense company BAE, for example, has already shifted some production to Ukraine. “I’m keen for other UK companies to do their part by doing the same,” Shabbs said.

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