May 22, 2024

Xiaomi at MWC: a powerful 12.4-inch tablet and new fitness watches

In addition, Xiaomi is expanding the range of wearable devices for the wrist with three models: a fitness tracker Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro (to compare prices) Available for around 70 euros. The previous model Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro (for testing) is still in fourth place on our list of fitness trackers, so we expect a lot from the newcomer. The OLED display is now wider and measures 1.74 inches (previous: 1.64 inches). Additionally, the refresh rate is now 60Hz. The battery capacity has also increased from 235 mAh to 289 mAh. So we expect better battery life.

Xiaomi points to the improved heart rate sensor as an innovation that affects all three models. She has that too Xiaomi Watch S3 (to compare prices). Another new feature of the smartwatch is gesture control, for example accepting calls with a hand gesture. And the new Xiaomi HyperOS operating system is installed. The watch has a round OLED display with a diameter of 1.43 inches and a rotating bezel. Xiaomi is also promising improvements in performance and battery life. The Xiaomi Watch S3 is available for around 150 euros.

The last model in the group of three and the most expensive newcomer at around 170 euros is the Xiaomi Watch 2 (to compare prices). With its large 495mAh battery, it is expected to perform well in the runtime test. Xiaomi cites the smartphone camera remote control as a special feature of this smartwatch – in addition to the improved heart rate monitor already mentioned. In terms of size, the Xiaomi Watch 2 is similar to the S3. The round OLED screen has a diameter of 1.43 inches. Xiaomi HyperOS is not installed, and the smartwatch still ships with Wear OS.

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