May 22, 2024

123C Digital-Beratung collaborates with Daniel Ringley

The consulting agency 123C Digital Consulting is expanding its services to Switzerland and relies on local support: Swiss digital and marketing expert Daniel Ringli collaborates with the consulting company from Vienna as an independent consultant.

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February 26, 2024

123C and Renggli are now working together to support medium-sized companies in Switzerland in overcoming the challenges of increasingly complex digital transformation. The services include, among other things, a specific maturity model. It identifies the company's regions on a digital map and practically shows its most important areas of operation. “Although Switzerland has a high level of digital transformation compared to other European countries, SMEs in particular still find it difficult to realize digital opportunities. “You are faced with the challenge of finding the right strategy in the jungle of digital solutions with limited resources and, above all, implementing it consistently in everyday life,” says Managing Director Thomas Apollonio. The digital consulting company wants to solve this problem with a specially developed maturity model.

When it comes to the specific challenges of digital transformation for Swiss companies, 123C Digital Consulting relies on the expertise of Daniel Ringli. During his career, the Swiss native has already worked in senior positions at technology giants such as Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP, and as a principal consultant for PwC. He currently works as an independent marketing and customer experience consultant and works as a business development manager at Hase & Igel, an AI-powered data analytics startup from Germany.

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There are two factors that slow down the transformation

Ringli points to two factors in particular that slow down digital transformation in mid-sized Swiss companies: “On the one hand, digitalization should be seen as a matter for the boss. Not only because the workforce must be included throughout the whole process. It is about the fundamental strategic decisions of companies that It can impact entire business models. Change and transformation management is a big topic. The second factor that slows us down: According to Ringli, the focus when digitizing operations so far has been primarily on internal processes that increase efficiency in the company. “What many leaders neglect Business is a matter of creating value. Where can we digitalize to generate value? To provide added value to customers? And anyone who devotes himself to these questions in the future will not have to fear disruptive startups.