June 20, 2024

Wolfgang Ramminger: Pro World Cup: Styria carpenter wins bronze in Basel

Wolfgang Ramminger: Pro World Cup: Styria carpenter wins bronze in Basel

The WorldSkills World Skills Championship, which is being held as a “special edition” this year, will take place in a total of 15 countries. Including Switzerland, where the world’s best young carpenters compete for medals at the Basel Exhibition Centre. In the middle of the action, Wolfgang Ramminger of St. Margarethen an der Raab, who managed to take the bronze (behind the participants from China and Taiwan) in the field of the first class of the participants. “For me, this medal is a dream come true,” Ramminger said Saturday after the awards ceremony. “I’ve never expected such success before, so I’m very happy about the bronze medal.”

He more than achieved his personal goal of being in the top five: “I did everything during the days of the competition, and I used my full potential. The international competition was very strong, so I am happy with the success, but also with the performance.” He thanked his family, coach Wolfgang Funk and his business owner, the woodworking shop Hasenburger, for their support.

“Many hours of training, passion and discipline”

“Wolfgang gave us insight into his preparations for a video report and showed the number of hours of training and the amount of passion and discipline needed to achieve such outstanding performances at WorldSkills,” said Marianna Konnell, Deputy Secretary-General of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. , in an adapted broadcast.

It’s Austria’s second medal in this pro world championship: in addition to Ramminger, Upper Austria refrigeration and air conditioning technician Patrick Daninger managed to win silver the day before. There are also two other types of “Medals of Excellence”.

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Styria metalworker starts in Cleveland

The World Championships will continue to be exciting next week: Thomas Bolabor will start his competition from October 17-20. Gasen’s metalworker will start at Styria in Cleveland, USA, for the World Cup. “If I’m already traveling on this long journey, I would definitely like to take the medal with me,” says Pöllabauer, who works at Willingshofer GmbH in Gasen. “The past few weeks have been particularly intense, sometimes I’ve been training for up to ten hours a day,” Polapur says.