June 23, 2024

A long night of research in Eisenstadt: experiencing science up close

Children, young people and interested adults were able to experiment, build and inform, but also experiment, wonder and observe late into the night.

Eisenstadt. And on Friday, May 24, 24 months later, that time finally came again. Young and young-at-heart researchers had the opportunity to participate in the long research night. With free entry from 5pm to 11pm, they had the opportunity to benefit from the diverse program at four different locations.

The Informatikum specializes primarily in sustainability, resource use and energy transition. In addition to interactive exercises, several presentation models were also used. Researchers have discovered in exciting stops just how smart octopuses are, how plastic can be molded into a certain shape, and how smart Grandma actually is.

The look could be better in the right outfit

The Private Educational University dealt with a wide range of participants and impressed the youth in particular. Presentations ranged from natural sciences to technology and digitalization to society and the environment. The numerous experiments and research stations provided variety and prevented boredom. Sometimes those keen on the experience were in a hurry so as not to miss other interesting stops.

Guests were able to build, construct and explore endlessly that evening

The conservatory offered less practical stuff, but was more “in your ear.” Participants were able to experience not only in theory what research looks like and how important rhythm is, but also in practice.

This year, the Long Research Night was once again a successful event for researchers both old and young

At Landhaus Eisenstadt, guest lecturers and scientific staff from the state provided fascinating insights into their daily research in the fields of archaeology, earth sciences, physics, human medicine, astronomy, architecture and health. Here, anyone interested will find out how a global genius is built, how Lake Neusiedl was created, what successes healthcare has had and how historical sources on Earth can be accessed. Moreover, wind tunnel corrosion research was very stormy. Guests couldn’t predict the future that evening, but they still had the opportunity to look at the stars.

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