June 23, 2024

Al Bayt Stadium scheduled to host the opening match of the 2022 World Cup

Broadcasting after an important event – will ZDF’s dream ship drop mega ratings?

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to: Jonas Arpas

On November 20, ZDF will release two TV events: Florian Silbereisen could also benefit from the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar. After the match, the successful star sails again with “Das Traumschiff”.

Mainz – At the end of the year, ZDF wants to sweeten the past few months for TV viewers again: Not just “Wetten, dass..?” With the return of Thomas Gottschalk (72) on November 19, but also Florian Silbereisen (41) and “Das Traumschiff”. The hit star will be appearing just a day later as Captain Max Parger in a new episode of the cruise series – and thanks to a solid support program, he might really benefit in terms of ratings!

ZDF puts together a double pack of highlights – Florian Silbereisen’s “Das Traumschiff” follows the World Cup opening

Florian Silberisen, who has been not only one of the biggest German pop stars of all-time for years, but is now also a successful actor, wants to provide the best entertainment of the last few months of the year: in October he will host his 100th show “Festivals”; The following month will be showing “Schlager oder N! xxx” (MDR, November 19) and “Das Traumschiff” (ZDF, November 20).

The Al Bayt Stadium in the Qatari port city of Al Khor is set to host the opening match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The match kicks off at 4:00 pm, and ZDF is broadcasting the match live – perhaps hoping for high ratings with ‘Das Traumschiff’ afterwards. © Xinhua / Imago

But before the 41-year-old translates to icy Lapland at 8:15pm, in the role of beloved captain Max Barger, there is another TV show: At 4:00pm, ZDF shows the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar. The hosts meet Ecuador at the Al Bayt stadium, which opened last year. Accordingly, the opening ceremony at Mainz Station can be watched from 4:00 pm, followed by a toast at 5:00 pm (or 7:00 pm local time).

Qatar reigns – the World Cup kicks off the day before:

In fact, the 2022 World Cup should not have started until November 21, on Monday, but the hosts made their way: the emirate wanted an exclusive opening match – a proposal unanimously approved by the FIFA advisory board in mid-August. Originally, the match against Ecuador was supposed to be just one of three matches on Monday, but now the host country is in the spotlight on Sunday.

Dream stakes for ZDF possible? High expectations from the new “Traumschiff” episode and the start of the World Cup

The double package for the World Cup and “Das Traumschiff” can give ZDF dream ratings: both live football and the show with Florian Silbereisen regularly attract millions of viewers in front of TV screens. From a sporting point of view, however, the start in Qatar is less attractive: in the current FIFA world rankings, Ecuador ranks 44th and Qatar only 50th (as of October 12), and the World Cup is expected to be widely boycotted due to human rights issues that not resolved.

In Mainz, people certainly hope to get the best reviews with this strong Sunday program – with Fleury and football, at least it has often been successful in the past! The TV presenter’s program also affects other broadcasters: in the run-up to Christmas, Erste has canceled two new episodes of “Tatort” because the ZDF competition will be too strong. Sources used: dwdl.de, zdf.de