June 19, 2024

Dataminer finds a clue in the current game

Nearly 20 years after its release Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals Gate A new, graphically polished version was released for the Nintendo Switch on Thursday. It seems that this new version is not only intended for the already available Switch and Switch OLED, but perhaps also for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. This is at least supported by an anomaly in the program code discovered by the data miner.

UHD support – but why?

Accordingly, there is a section in the game code used to handle UHD resolution. However, this is not supported by the Nintendo Switch (OLED) – even in the dock, a maximum of 1080p is achieved. Additionally, the installed SoC is often at its limits even in this resolution range. It’s hard to imagine a higher resolution like UHD with the chip.

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