July 16, 2024

Weather: Cold snap in the US: Power outages and first deaths — Entertainment

Weather: Cold snap in the US: Power outages and first deaths — Entertainment

Further east, in Indiana, the governor has mobilized the National Guard to protect people from expected blizzards. 150 National Guardsmen are deployed mainly in Northern Indiana. Videos from The Weather Channel showed people in supermarkets stocking up on groceries for the coming days.

A storm surge is expected on the eastern shore of Lake Erie near Niagara Falls, according to the National Weather Service. The water level can rise by several metres. In Hamburg, New York state, according to media reports, residents close to water have been asked to leave their homes.

In Texas, a severe cold snap brings back dark memories. There was already a severe cold snap there last year. The power grid collapsed, and millions of people were sometimes without power for days. According to investigations by Texas authorities, more than 200 people are believed to have died as a result.

About half a million people are without electricity

But this time, be better prepared. “The power grid is ready and reliable,” the New York Times quoted one of the managers as saying. “We expect to be able to produce enough electricity to meet demand during this cold snap.” According to the PowerOutage.us website, approximately 70,000 of the more than 12 million electricity consumers in Texas are currently without electricity. Across the country, about half a million people were left in the dark.

But the cold ghost could end as quickly as it engulfed the United States. In some areas of the Northwest, temperatures are expected to rise again soon once the cold air clears, the National Weather Service predicted. In many places, it should be 20-30 degrees higher by the end of the week.

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