“1899” Journey into the abyss of the human spirit

The latest series from Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar, the creators of “Dark”, is dark and mysterious. Have you seen it already?

"1899" - A journey into the abyss of the human soul

Last updated: December 21, 2022

There are series that are pure entertainment and don’t ask any deep questions, and there are series by Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar, that encourage us to think and confront dark puzzles and invite us to piece together loose pieces of a puzzle. the The new production from the creators of “Dark” is titled 1899″. This time we are taken on a mysterious journey aboard the Kerberos, a ship that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the last year of the nineteenth century.

Reviews of this new Netflix series have been mixed and mixed. For some, production is too slow and stressful, for others they are just excited about it. Who is this Cosmic and psychological mysteries If you haven’t discovered it yet, you should definitely check out the series. At first you get a messy and distracting picture, but when you step back and take a broader perspective, you see the beauty of the painting in its entirety.

Season 1 offers a glimpse into a small part of a story that feels huge and powerful. This narrative goes beyond the obvious: it is about the meaning of existence and human consciousness.

“More than heaven can hold – the brain –
Do you put them side by side –
If one also attaches the other –
And you – with ease –

The brain is deeper than the sea.
Are you carrying them? – Blue to blue.
Sucks one – like a sponge empties the bucket –
the other by itself –

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“1899” centers on neurologist Maura Franklin.

“1899” – a journey into the abyss of the human soul

Kerberos Journey to the United States introduces us to a whole host of different characters. You could We say that the ship itself is an entire continent in a very special microcosm. There are travelers of different nationalities: a newly married French couple, a priest and his snobbish brother and a Chinese mother and daughter …

The boiler room is occupied by Polish and English servants, and the basement is inhabited by modest Danish immigrants. In the midst of this web of characters stand out Eck, the grieving captain, and above all Maura Franklin, the young neurologist who is the center of the story.

In each episode, as in “Lost,” we learn something about the dark pasts of the various characters. However, as the series progresses, we realize that everyone on board Kerberos exists more as a possibility than an objective reality. once on Push the Prometheus, her sister shipwhich was lost at sea a few months ago, things are falling apart…

One of the main attractions of “1899” is the mixture of languages ​​used by the characters. The ship is like a continent of nations forced to come together to solve the mystery that surrounds them.

Dive deep

One fact is clear right away: Kerberos is a ship with very unusual technology for that time. Also The travelers seem to know each other, although they are not the same language They speak and have different nationalities. There is also an element that recurs frequently as a decorative motif: an inverted triangle.

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Confronting Prometheus and its sole survivor, a boy carrying a black pyramid Completely upset the passengers and crew. Unexplained deaths and suicides begin. Gradually, almost harmoniously, a chain of disturbing phenomena is set in motion, fragmenting all elements, both human and material.

In the face of such a disaster, the Fears And doubts, the ship’s hierarchy collapses. A mutiny breaks out and the survivors find that despite being on a ship in the middle of nowhere, they seem to be running away on their own. of people they are. Ocean crashes a boat into it reality become more and more distorted.

Memory layers and code for the human brain

Dr. Maura Franklin seems to be the thread that runs through everything that happens on Kerberos. Everyone longs for answers about what happened, but she is unable to do so. She has lost her memory and is suffering from one dissociative disorder. There is something painful in her past, something dark that has been pushed out of her consciousness, altering her identity and perception of time.

The ship on which they travel is a project that captures the minds of passengers in a story, in a mysterious simulator. characters like Mora However, Captain Eck has them The chance to descend into their layers of memory to search for the origin of this chaos. They do this through trap doors hidden under the headboards of their beds.

What’s hidden behind the Kerberos shield is also pretty cool. The entire ship is covered in thick wires, connected like neurons to keep the perception of this reality from fading away. Just a weird character claiming to know Mora trying to get this sleeping brain to wake up…

“1899” is a great intelligence game in which information is deliberately hidden so that we can make our own guesses. This could be infinite. .

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At no point is it made clear how the heroes got Kerberos or why they were chosen.

An endless cycle and a mysterious awakening

We first assume that we are To deal with some kind of inexplicable scientific anomaly to have. Passengers are forced through an endless loop, dying and starting the same journey over and over again. No one emerges from the layers of her memory and Maura seems unable to connect with the source of her pain, the psychological trauma she is experiencing.

Only at the last moment does she seem to find the key with which she can unlock her consciousness. And her awakening couldn’t be more mysterious. At the end of the last chapter we are again faced with more questions than answers. Because “1899” is a mystery, an inexplicable mystery.

require such products patience And think. Better put your mobile phone aside because, as with “Dark”, revelations will come at the right time. But first, you’ll travel through disturbing layers of space-time, accompanying shadowy characters who are never what they seem…

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