February 28, 2024

UK court blocks CMA bid to delay Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger retrial –

When the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority decided to take a stand against Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard King and ultimately block the deal from taking place in the UK, it wasn’t long before Microsoft launched a case to start a retrial.

This re-trial is due to start on July 28th and since that was the case the CMA pushed for the trial to be postponed to October but the UK Competition Court of Appeal decided to prevent this and CMA’s trial The hearing was delayed.

Specifically, CAT says: “The matter is important and there is a great deal of material for any new lawyer to absorb, but we estimate that a month will allow enough time for that – provided the CMA chooses a lawyer who is reasonably available to prepare, especially given the support available within the CMA and its legal team. The question answers itself: this team must have sufficient time to ensure that the Authority’s defense of the application is properly conducted.

This means that whether or not the CMA has had a chance to prepare a particular case, the retrial, which will decide whether the UK approves or continues to block the mega-merger, will begin by the end of next month.

Do you think the bottom line will be affected or will it stay the same as Microsoft’s mega deal is blocked off the UK coast?