June 24, 2024

GZSZ: Finally – Eric meets a new woman

Eric flirts with “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. but there is a problem.


an actress Olivia Marie (33) She is now on a long road trip in the US after her trip to Asia. She hasn’t been with us since October “good times bad times” to see.

As per plan, she informed her Instagram followers that she will not be filming for the series again until around August. This means we can finally see Toni Ahrens again in Kolle-Kiez in the fall.

GZSZ | Laura went: Is John really entering into a new partnership here?

Much happened at the house in Berlin during Tony’s stay in New York. Not only that her mother Nina (Maria Wedig) Now immigrate to Argentina to work for Navarro. Also in the life of her ex-boyfriend Eric (Patrick Heinrich) Much has changed. As you can see next Wednesday, 5th July, at 7.40pm on Free TV on RTL, he meets a new woman at the club. The episode is already available on RTL. *

GZSZ: “My friends call me Richie!”

Patrick Heinrichs as Eric / Richard. Photo: RTL/Rolf Baumgartner

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Yes, there was a lot going on in Eric’s personal life. After crushing is not full on Sarah (Suzanne Cydropoulos) to make Tony (Olivia Marie) He broke up with him over the phone because he wanted to enter the US under a false identity to avoid his criminal record.

Although he did not eventually put his plan into action, Richard Meyer has lived in Berlin ever since. And somehow Eric loves the role. When he meets a woman at the club, she assumes his name is Richard and that he is rich. “My friends call me Richie,” Eric says confidently. Will his lies stand in the way of a new love?

Obviously, the fake identity will continue to cause problems. After all, Eric received fine notices addressed to Richard Meier …

Olivia Marie made it clear on Instagram in the spring that she really wanted to save the relationship between Eric and Tony. She is currently commenting on the social network again about “Gute Zeiten, bad times”. As for the photo shoot in Alaska, she wrote: “Yesterday I dreamed that I was shooting for GZSZ again, but I didn’t know my script and didn’t recognize any of my colleagues! Time to come back soon!”

Who knows, maybe you will come in time.