May 21, 2024

Harry and Meghan come to Great Britain at the request of the Queen

Meghan (left) and Harry are supposed to return to England soon – but only for a short time.Photo: imago/i Images

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February 9, 2020 at 7:54 pmFebruary 9, 2020, 8:30 pm

The royals have gone back and forth in the past few weeks: First, Prince Harry and Meghan announced they wanted to step down from their royal duties. Then they want to turn their backs on Great Britain and immigrate to Canada.

And now new news surprises royal fans: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to return to England with baby Archie! This was tweeted by Roya Nekkah, royal correspondent for The Sunday Times.

First “Megxit”, and now back – at least for a short time

However, anyone who thinks the royal family will happily reunite is wrong: Harry and Meghan will visit the Queen for one appointment only. At the request of Elizabeth II, the Duke and Duchess will attend Commonwealth Day on 9 March.

To mark the occasion, as every year, a service will be held at Westminster Abbey, where the Queen will also attend and deliver a speech. Harry and his wife Meghan, who was pregnant at the time, were present at the celebrations last year.

Not everyone will be happy with Meghan’s return

Not everyone may be happy about Meghan’s return to England. Recently, a royal “Gala” correspondent reported on how dissatisfied the royal family’s staff are with Meghan. They’re glad “the bitch is gone.” The mood in the palace is said to have improved significantly since Meghan’s absence.

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Maybe that’s why it’s best for the Duke and Duchess to just take a short trip to England.