May 24, 2024

US Vice President Visits Abortion Clinic, Condemns “Healthcare Crisis”

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris warned women about inadequate health care when she visited an abortion clinic. There are women in some states who are being denied emergency care because doctors in emergency rooms there fear “they could be criminally charged under the laws in their state and go to jail for providing medical care,” Harris told the family Thursday. Planned Parenthood's hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. Abortion US media have reported that the White House hopes Harris' visit will be the first visit by a president or vice president to the clinic.

The Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion in the United States, which had been in place for nearly 50 years. The decision was considered a political earthquake. In America, abortion rights have always been the subject of heated debates. Opponents have spent decades trying to limit access and ban mass abortions. After the Supreme Court's decision, sovereignty over legislation rests with individual states again. A legal patchwork has developed – stricter restrictions have come into force in many places. Abortion is practically illegal in a dozen states. Exceptions are made so vaguely that doctors often don't perform abortions for fear of lawsuits.

Harris called America's current situation a “health care crisis” and spoke of “extremists” using their laws to deny women access to health care. “I have heard stories and met women who had miscarriages in toilets,” she said. The 59-year-old Democrat has been particularly focused on the abortion issue since the Supreme Court ruling. Polls show that a majority of Americans support abortion rights. Republicans celebrated the Supreme Court's ruling as a major victory, but quickly realized that restrictive abortion restrictions were not capable of winning majorities. That's why many Republicans avoid the issue on the campaign trail. Democrats, on the other hand, hope they can use it to rally voters.

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