May 22, 2024

US TV reports on Wendler – you probably don't like it at all


Michael Vendler is now a constant topic in the German media. Since the pop singer joined the conspiracy hoax, he has regularly committed new crimes that reach the German press. The pop singer has now been fired from 'DSDS' and has moved to the USA. In his chosen home of Florida, he lives with his wife, Laura Mueller, on his property in Cape Coral, Florida – unnoticed by the US media until now.

But this could change now. For the first time since being revealed as a conspiracy ideologue, Wendler can now be seen on American television. Specifically on NBC News Channel 2, one of the largest American broadcasters. It seems that the “German star”, as the moderators call him, has now caught the attention of the local media scene.

Wendler probably won't like the content at all: it's about tax debt

Maybe Wendler doesn't like the content of the report at all. It's not about his music, it's mainly about his tax evasion from Germany.

This is how NBC News quoted the “German star”:

“Singer and TV star Michael Wandler,” as the broadcaster pronounces his name, is wanted by the German government because he has not paid millions in taxes. Wendler's contribution is announced with this sentence.

NBC News: Germany called on the United States to return Vendler

In the same report, NBC's Dave Elias follows Wendler's trail. He talks with Ollie Winkler, a former long-time friend of Wendler's. He says Wendler told him he chose Cape Coral because he loved motorboats and the water. The report goes on to say that Vendler finally left Germany after being accused of aiding and abetting the insolvency delay.

Winkler then says that the fact that Wendler compared the German government's coronavirus measures to concentration camps was a “no-no.” “He's hiding out here to avoid punishment,” the former friend finally said of Wendler.

In the article, Wendler is described as a “pop star” who is “hiding from the German government and his creditors” in Cape Coral. Wendler lives in the USA with a regular green card, that is, a residence permit for non-US citizens. Additionally, NBC News reported that “the German government has asked the US government to 'return' Michael Wendler to Germany.”

In fact, the pop singer's trial on charges of aiding and abetting a foreclosure has been postponed for a third time. The trial was originally scheduled for December 8, 2020. It is now scheduled to take place in July of this year.

The German Federal Office of Justice asked the US Department of Justice for assistance in this regard. They must formally deliver the summons to the singer at his residence in Florida so that Michael Wendler cannot avoid the summons.

In order to ensure Wendler's appearance at trial, he must be served a proper summons. However, it is not clear whether the NBC News report relates to this operation.