April 22, 2024

US Supreme Court deals with Trump's immunity – DW – February 29, 2024

The oral hearing will then address the question: “To what extent is a former president immune from criminal prosecution for conduct allegedly related to official acts during his term of office?” He shared that US Supreme Court with. The decision marks a major move against the former US president Donald Trump The Capitol on January 6, 2021 is currently on hold due to the storm.

A federal appeals court unanimously rejected Trump's immunity claim on February 6. It described it as an “unbridled power to commit crimes” and criticized it as “the most fundamental test of executive power – the recognition and implementation of election results”. Considering the attempts made by the former President to explain his election defeat against the current President Joe Biden In 2020, the justices declared: “We cannot accept that the office of the President holds its former holders above the law for all time.”

The indictment on the election fraud charge was brought in August 2023, and the main trial date of March 4 was postponed over Trump's objections. Judgment of Supreme Court America Expected in June. Of the new justices there, six are considered conservative, three of whom were appointed by Trump.

Trump seems relieved

Trump, considered the favorite to become the Republican nominee in November's presidential election, welcomed the Supreme Court's ruling. Without immunity, a president “cannot act properly or make decisions in the best interests of the United States,” the 77-year-old wrote on his own online platform, Truth Social. “He must not allow himself to be led by fear of retribution!”

Liz Cheney, a former Republican MP and opponent of Trump, expressed disappointment. Cheney said on his social media channel that the delay in the hearing was “suppressing important evidence that Americans deserve to hear.” In the end, Trump tried to “seize” an election result “and power,” Cheney wrote. “Our justice system must bring him to justice before the next election.”

Is Trump further excluded from the Illinois polls?

The former president is now being threatened with exclusion from the Republican primaries in Illinois because of his role in the attack on the US capital. Similar actions by the judiciary have already taken place in the states of Maine and Colorado. In Illinois, a judge has now ruled that Trump's name must be removed from the ballot before the March 19th vote. Otherwise, “the votes cast against him will be nullified,” Judge Tracey Porter explained.

He adjourned his decision until Friday to allow an appeal. Porter justified his decision, saying he was not elected because of his role in Trump's attack on the Capitol. He criticized the Illinois decision as politically motivated and unfair. Trump will appeal, his campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said.

Legal failure in New York fraud trial

At the same time as the Illinois decision, Trump suffered a legal defeat in a New York fraud trial. Appellate Judge Anil Singh rejected a request by Trump's lawyers to suspend the $454 million security deposit pending an appeal. They proposed $100 million instead. The decision still needs to be upheld by an appeals court.

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New York District Attorney's Office in New YorkPicture: Vanessa Carvalho/ZUMA Press Wire/Image Alliance

The Republican and businessman was out of court in mid-February $355 million in penalties and interest Punishment should be given. Judge Arthur Ngoron found that the former president was found to have overstated his assets to defraud creditors.

The real estate mogul's net worth is estimated at $2.6 billion by Forbes magazine. Trump recently said his net worth is about $400 million. Republicans have denied any wrongdoing and have talked about a political process.

How Donald Trump Scores Points With Voters

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Trump wants to US President Biden at Presidential election in November Challenge and then there is Main previous course Better chance of being renominated by Republicans. So far, the investigations and investigations against him haven't hurt Trump in the polls. All will come together in the presidential election to be held on November 5 Another fight between Biden and Trump outside.

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