May 19, 2024

USA beats Germany in Ice Hockey World Cup

Connor Bedard was Canada’s match winner.Image: Keystone

May 11, 2024, 11:11 pmMay 11, 2024, 11:23 pm

Group A

Great Britain – Canada 2:4 (1:1, 0:3, 1:0)
Austria – Denmark 1:5 (1:2, 0:1, 0:2)
Norway – Czech Republic 3:6 (3:2, 0:1, 0:3)

Ice Hockey World Cup Table Group A May 11, 2024

Great Britain – Canada 2:4

No. 1 draft pick Connor Bedard was Canada’s match winner. The defending champions started their tournament with an expected win against Great Britain, without much to shine. Bedard, already having a strong first NHL season with the Chicago Blackhawks, scored two goals in less than four minutes in the middle third.

Expatriate Britain costs its skin dearly. In the third minute, Liam Kirk scored to make it 1-0, but it was disallowed due to goalkeeper interference. After video consultation, the referee caused some confusion as he first announced that the goal would be counted, only to immediately correct himself and give the correct decision.

Postponed Not Postponed: Kirk scored again in the eighth minute, this time making it 1-0. It was the first goal scored by the British national team against Canada in 30 years. This motivated the “Maple Leafs” and as a result they were able to step up their game. However, the final third went to the British thanks to a remarkable goal from Ben O’Connor – a partial victory that would give them courage in a battle they were pushed to.

Austria – Denmark 1:5

Austria started the tournament with a loss. The second Swiss opponent (Sunday, 8:20 pm) lost the opening match against Denmark 1:5. After more goals from the Danes in the 17th minute, the ÖEHV selection, coached by Swiss Roger Bader, ran after an early 0-2 deficit, which they could no longer hold. ZSC master striker Vinzenz Rohrer converted the goal to make it 1:2.

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Norway – Czech Republic 3:6

Hosts Czech Republic, Switzerland’s third opponent in the opening round on Monday evening (8:20pm), secured their second win in the second game. After winning 1-0 in a penalty shootout against Olympic champion Finland, the Czechs came from 3-1 down after 16 minutes to win 6-3 against Norway on Saturday.

Two strikers from the National League, Roman Cervenka of the Rappersville-Zona Lakers and Matej Stransky from HC Davos, also raced. Cervenka, who was 1-0 down, made it 2-3 before Stransky scored the winning goal in the 46th minute to make it 4-3.

Group B

France – Kazakhstan 1:3 (1:2, 0:1, 0:0)
Poland – Latvia 4:5 at (1:0, 1:1, 2:3, 0:1)
USA – Germany 6:1 (2:0, 2:1, 2:0)

Ice Hockey World Cup Table Group B May 11, 2024

France – Kazakhstan 1:3

France are favorites in this clash, having lost to Kazakhstan two decades ago. But the Asians acted very smartly: after falling behind, they shot the French keeper twice from behind and their third goal was “pupetricly”.

Poland – Latvia 4:5 At

Newly promoted Poland sniffed out a surprise. It led 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 against last year’s bronze medalists Latvia, but eventually had to concede defeat after extra time. Former Latvian SCB striker Kaspars Daugavins scored the winning goal.

USA – Germany 6:1

After a successful start to the tournament, Germany suffered a 6-4 defeat against Olympic bronze medalists Slovakia in the second match. Last year’s surprise finalists didn’t stand a chance for long in a 6-1 defeat against co-favorites USA.


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