December 8, 2023

Tony Khan Turns Down TV Negotiations with CW – Jim Ross Sidelined – AEW Ratings in the UK and Canada

Source: All Elite Wrestling

This week, WWE announced a 5-year deal with The CW Network to broadcast weekly “NXT” shows starting in October 2024. As Haus of Wrestling now reports, The CW also had a deal with Tony Khan in mind. Accordingly, a high-ranking CW official contacted the AEW president about a potential deal in June 2022 on the sidelines of AEW’s Los Angeles tapings. To be precise, it was about airing ROH shows on The CW. However, Khan has not deepened the discussions because, on the one hand, he wants to be loyal to Warner Brothers Discovery, and on the other hand, he does not want to talk about Ring of Honor broadcast rights until he has a new TV deal. For AEW in his pocket. He believes that waiting will pay off and bring new options.

On his podcast this week, Jim Ross announced that he will be taking a few weeks off from commentating on “AEW Collision.” His doctor recommended this to him until his leg, which had to be treated for skin cancer, would heal. The wound on his leg usually causes him problems, especially after flights.

– The October 25, 2023 UK premiere of “AEW Dynamite” was watched by 78,000 viewers on October 27, 2023 (from 10:10 PM UK time) on ITV4. This means a loss of around 8 viewers compared to the previous week (86,000 viewers from 10:40pm British time).

Meanwhile, the October 20 edition of “AEW Rampage” first aired in the United Kingdom on October 24 and was watched by 86,000 viewers. The premiere of the October 21 edition of “AEW Collision” was watched in the UK on iTV4 on October 25 from 9pm UK time with an average of 93,000 viewers. Viewer numbers remained unchanged compared to the previous week (93,000 viewers as of 11:40 PM British time). the

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In Canada on TSN3, the October 25, 2023 edition of “Dynamite” was watched by 98,000 viewers, including 49,000 in the key Canadian P25-54 target group. (Previous week: 85,300 viewers, including 39,400 in P25-54).

For comparison: The October 23, 2023 edition of “RAW” was watched by 259,800 viewers in Canada, including 117,800 in the key Canadian P25-54 target group. “NXT” aired on October 24, 2023 online only, and was therefore only watched by 32,000 viewers, of which 5,000 were in the primary Canadian target group P25-54. “Smackdown” on October 27 was watched by an average of 255,700 viewers in Canada, of which 84,700 were in P25-54.

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