February 29, 2024

These eight artists have been confirmed: ESC 2024: Ollie Alexander will compete for Great Britain

Also known as Ollie Alexander Years & Years. Photo: imago/NurPhoto

A total of eight artists have already been selected for ESC 2024. Ollie Alexander, known as Years & Years, competes for Great Britain.

After “Friesenjung” Joost Klein (26) for the Netherlands, more artists have been announced for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. For Great Britain, Ollie Alexander (33), also known as Years & Years, will compete in Malmö in 2024.

Britt celebrated huge success in 2015, especially with her singles “King” and “Shine.” Years & Years was founded in 2010, initially as a band. In 2021, Years & Years became Ollie Alexander’s solo project. However, now he doesn’t want to appear under that name. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and it feels like the right time to release music under my own name” He was quoted as saying in a press release. According to him, ESC is “a wonderfully chaotic mix of musical styles, theatrical performances, warm emotions and comedy.”

These artists are also already confirmed

In addition to Ollie Alexander and Joost Klein, six other musicians have already been confirmed who will perform on stage at ESC 2024. Singer Riven (27) will compete for Slovenia, musician Iko (23) for the Czech Republic next year, Musti (33) for Belgium and Celia Kapsis (17) for Cyprus. Singer Slimane (34) was selected for France and Marina Satti (36) for Greece.

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Germany has not yet designated a law for the ESC. It will only be decided in the preliminary final of the “Eurovision Song Contest – German Final 2024” on February 16 in Berlin.