March 2, 2024

The Rock as president? : American parties asked Dwayne Johnson

Many Americans can imagine Dwayne Johnson as their future president. Image: Tinseltown /

It is clear that both Republicans and Democrats in the United States wanted to win Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson as their party’s presidential candidate. The actor describes the experience as “very surreal” on a podcast.

Hollywood heavyweight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (51) has long been considered a US presidential candidate. In a poll published two years ago, 46% of Americans surveyed expressed their desire for the former actor and wrestler to hold the highest office in the United States. The Hollywood star himself also moved in 2021 In an interview with “USA Today” Future nomination “If that’s what people want. Really, that’s what I mean and I’m in no way being flippant in my answer.”

Clearly, both major parties in the United States wanted Johnson as their candidate

The star himself revealed in a conversation with former Daily Show host Trevor Noah (39 years old) that this possibility is not as unrealistic as some might think. Johnson: “I will tell you something: At the end of 2022, I received visits from both parties asking me whether I would run and whether I could run.” On the November 9 episode of Noah’s podcast “What Now?”.

During the meeting, representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States discussed the above-mentioned poll, in addition to their own research, which showed that Johnson, if he ran, would have a good chance in the US presidential race. .

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“The whole thing was very surreal because that was never my goal,” Johnson says, describing his impression of the two meetings. “It was never my goal to be in politics. In fact, there is a lot that I hate about politics.”

However, the actor, who recently appeared in Fast & Furious 10, will likely not be able to run for office, at least for now. Because it was already last year Johnson explainedHis current priority is to be present in the lives of his two young daughters, Tiana (5 years old) and Yasmine (7 years old).

Above all, he wanted to be a “daddy” to her after previously missing important life events for his 22-year-old daughter Simone due to his time-consuming wrestling career, Johnson said on Trevor Noah’s podcast.