May 24, 2024

The Starfield: Shattered Space expansion has a limited run

When it comes to communication, Bethesda isn't exactly one of the most bubbly sources regarding Starfield, but now Todd Howard has finally issued a more specific statement about future plans.

Bethesda has been unusually quiet following the release of Starfield. Hardly a word has been said about how the game will continue – but there have been plenty of construction sites in the meantime, which fans have occasionally taken care of themselves through mods. But the planned expansion remained silent, as did more concrete statements about urgently needed updates.

But now a miracle has happened and Bethesda's Todd Howard at least has some approach Kinda funny games To Starfield. Among other things, the release period of the planned expansion Shattered Space, which is part of some special editions, has been narrowed. Shattered Space is now scheduled to debut in Fall 2024 and will include new story content, new locations, new equipment, and more.

Furthermore, a new free update will be announced this week, which fits in with Bethesda's statement that it will release another update approximately every six weeks. Howard didn't reveal what exactly will be included in the update, but he at least noted that the maps have been revised so that there can now be sensible maps of cities. Howard also promised “great things for shipbuilding,” but did not go into detail.

Starfield got off to a strong start after its release in September, but players quickly became frustrated with a large number of hoped-for features not being implemented or just poorly implemented, forcing the modding community to step in, something that consoles players of course you have a few. For example, the to-do list still includes cumbersome inventory management, but it also includes inconvenient space travel. However, there will be no changes to the old dialogue sequences.

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