Final Fantasy XIV: Unlock Diabolos Wings in the Endwalker

Early access of the new add-on Endwalker from Final Fantasy XIV It is here and players can now enjoy a variety of content. The elegant Accessiore Diabolos suite, which you can easily get at first.

Attention: The article may contain spoilers from the early hours of Endwalker.

How to get wings: To get to where you get wings, you first have to play through the front of the Endwalker and get to the new Sharlayan city.

There you will get freedom for your character after a few series of stories and you can move around the city. Once you have completed the story quest “Strolling in Old Sharlayan”, you can access a side quest called “High hunt of the robbers 1”.

  • NPC: Northota
  • In Alt-Sharlayan X: 11.7 / Y: 13.2

Talk to her to unlock a high chase in new areas. Then you can take a look at the new guild goods in NPC J’lakshai right next door.

There you’ll also find Diabolos wings, which you can instantly exchange for 800 Kupo rewards, if you’ve collected any of them in the Shadowbringers.

This is what the wings look like in play (they even flutter slightly when jumping).

You can also buy: In addition to the suites, a good staircase has a large selection of useful things that you can also buy directly if you have the necessary prizes. This includes:

  • Nagxian new cat companion
  • Notenrolle “Not Curved”
  • Training Elf for Level 90
  • And a lot of new materials from the ninth and tenth level

This is how Early Access works so far: Early access to new content began on December 3 at 10:00 AM. Queues of up to 8000 players were formed in some places.

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While some players managed to play and play relatively quickly, others had to contend with the 2002 and 5006 errors, which threw them out of the queue. This made sure they had to queue again and spoiled the mood for many.

You can find all the information about Endwalker in the following article:

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