May 19, 2024

Why is a rooster crowing viewed as a noise nuisance?

For some this is part of rural life, for others it is almost unbearable. Researchers in Vienna have now created a database of screams and analyzed what exactly unnerves them.

April 24, 2024 | 03:06 minutes

For some, the rooster's cry is a symbol of rural idyll, for others it is more of an annoying nuisance. In fact, the rooster is one of the loudest pets. This is exactly what science is interested in now.
Researchers at the University of Vienna have found in a study Examines why rooster crowing is considered troublesome. Musicologist Professor Christoph Reuter has been working on the disturbing noises there for a long time.

What does noise do to us? Self-perception determines when noise becomes annoying.

August 23, 2023 | 07:28 minutes

In addition to size, according to Reuters, there are two other characteristics that make a rooster's crowing seem particularly disturbing. “There is a frequency range of 2 to 4 kHz, which is the range in which we hear particularly well,” Reuter explains. “When the noise is high in this area, we often consider it very disturbing.” Squeaking sounds or babies crying also have a similar effect.

next to Frequency range The timbre also plays an important role. If the noise is particularly harsh, a specific area of ​​the human brain called the amygdala is activated. This puts us on alert and can have a negative impact on our health in the long term.

In our history of noise we show what is loud, how loud it is in our world and what is the loudest sound yet.

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April 20, 2017 | 05:00 minutes

For the study, researchers rated different rooster sounds based on their characteristics and then had 51 test subjects rate how annoyed they found them. This resulted in a matrix that can be used to accurately determine how annoying screaming is and to provide the most objective measure possible.

The age of the participants played a role. In general, older people found roosters crowing more annoying. In general, strong feelings of disgust are primarily associated with the harshness of screaming and high spectral energy content at 4000 Hz.

The so-called Kosovo Long Roar is known for its noise. Some specimens crow for up to 70 seconds, but no rooster crows longer.

01/06/2024 | 01:02 minutes

The results of this study are expected to provide targeted assistance in other areas. in Conflicts Crying roosters is a regular point of contention between neighbors. Until now, decisions in court have been made based on the rooster's noise level. According to Section 3 Paragraph 2 of the state Immigration Control Law, animals must be kept in a manner that causes only minimal noise to residents.
Whether a rooster is allowed to remain in a neighbor's garden could soon be decided by the quality of its voice.

The science of good hearing: 15 million people in Germany suffer from hearing loss. Only a few of them wear hearing aids. But good hearing is very important for orientation, communication and hazard recognition.

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