May 24, 2024

Mike Field, Canada, Top of the Charts: May 10 8pm, Kulturjwachas Birkenried EV, story

with Mike Field A coveted and award-winning jazz trumpeter from Canada takes to the stage. He is known for his bright, cheerful, energetic music and highly energetic melodies. Along with his band, he gives the audience an energetic concert performance.

Mike writes his own pieces, both while traveling and at home in Toronto. Also, learning languages ​​and traveling to all corners of the world has always been part of him, so his works often reflect movement and different cultures, such as 'Missing in Paris', 'Streets of Santa Monica' or 'Latin'. – Delicious tune', El Sotano…

He began playing the trumpet at the age of 10 and studied privately with classical musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He completed his Master of Jazz program at New York University in 2001. Then he started composing music.

Since 2011, MIKE FIELD has released four multi-award winning albums 'Ashes', 'Rush Mode', 'Attic Jump' and 'True Stories' and has been making waves around the world ever since.

Mike frequently performs his music with regional musicians at jazz festivals in New Zealand, Europe, North America and Antarctica, and in clubs around the world.

Look forward to lots of fun and excitement with Mike Field at the Birkenried Cultural Greenhouse on May 10th at 8pm

Awards, nominations & charts
Charts #1 on the Canadian Jazz Charts – Attic Jump (Feb. 2016)
Independent Music Award – Winner Jazz Music Producer – The Ghost and the Paperboy EP (2018)
Toronto Independent Music Awards – Winner Best Jazz Vocals – Magnolia (2017)
Independent Music Video Award – Winner Best Music Video (N. America) – Rush Mode (2014) Best Jazz Video (International) – Rush Mode (2014)
Independent Music Award – Nominee Best Jazz EP – The Ghost and the Paperboy EP (2018) Best Narrative Song – The Ghost and the Paperboy (2018) Best Album Instrumental – Attic Jump (2016) Best Jazz Song – Five Days in Hermosa (2016) Best Jazz Song Instrumental – Rush Best Jazz Vocals for Mod (2014) – Last of the Summer Days (2014)
Toronto Independent Music Awards – Nominated Best Jazz Instrumental – Attic Jump (2016 & 2015)

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Admission: €25
Seat reservation: [email protected]

The Birkenried Cultural Greenhouse is located on the B16 between Günzburg and Gundelfingen.
Information and Contact:

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