May 19, 2024

Almost completely! This is the ÖEHV team against Canada

On Sunday, the Red-White-Red ice hockey team will face defending champions Canada in a test highlight.

Roger Bader's team recently celebrated their first win in preparation for the World Cup against Germany (2:1, report>>>).

On Tuesday, the ÖEHV announced the squad for the fast bowler against Canada. It's almost finished, only Vincennes Rohrer and Peter Schneider are currently missing. The former will compete in a decisive fight for the title in Switzerland on Tuesday (live stream from 8pm>>>).

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Rosie is also part of the game now

Marco Casper is in the AHL playoffs with the Grand Rapids Griffins, which only becomes an issue if he gets kicked out early. The national team has to make up for David Reinbacher, who is absent due to injury. Johannes Bischoffberger is also missing for family reasons.

Also there will be NHL star Marco Rossi, who will wear the red-white-and-red jersey for the first time on Wednesday. Players who have been unavailable recently due to ill health will also join the squad on Wednesday. In addition to Rossi, Thomas Raffle, Mario Huber, Benjamin Nissner and Ali Vukowitz are new.

“As of Wednesday, we are already very close to our World Cup squad. As every week, it is important to integrate new players quickly. It is always a small step in the beginning,” said team boss Bader.

The ÖEHV team at a glance:

Surname Association
Thomas Honeckl Black Wings Lynx
David Kickert EC Red Bull Salzburg
David Madlenor Pioneers Voralberg
Nico Brunner Viennese capitals
Dominic Heinrich Viennese capitals
David Mayer KAC
Ramon Schnetzer EC Thurgau (Switzerland)
Paul Stapelfeld EC Red Bull Salzburg
Steven Strong KAC
Clemens Underweger KAC
Philip Wimmer EC Red Bull Salzburg
Bernd was the wolf HC Lugano (Switzerland)
Kilian Sundal HC Ambri-Piota (Switzerland)
Benjamin Baumgartner SC Bern (Switzerland)
Manuel Connell KAC
Luke Howdam KAC
Paul Huber EC Red Bull Salzburg
Mario Huber EC Red Bull Salzburg
Luke Kines Viennese capitals
Benjamin Nisner EC Red Bull Salzburg
Thomas Raffle EC Red Bull Salzburg
Emilio Romic Black Wings Lynx
Marco Rossi Minnesota Forest (USA)
Ian Scherzer Rogel BK (Sweden)
Lucas Thaler EC Red Bull Salzburg
Ali Vukowitz EC Red Bull Salzburg
Dominique Swerger HC Ambri-Piota (Switzerland)