May 22, 2024

Canada – Norway tip, betting odds

The fact is that the Canadians were disappointed in the opening game against Great Britain (4:2).

That couldn’t be the Canadians’ claim, as they gave up two goals from a freshman and eventually got the goalie to make a power play that saw him have a real chance to equalize.

But a 5-1 win over Denmark put an end to any early doubts. But now it’s finally clear with a 7:6 overtime win over Austria that action is definitely needed in the CAN.

The Canadians are a golem with great individual players, but not really cohesive as a team. The drop in performance whenever their front line is on the bench is a concern.

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Canada can control the opposition at the back during pressure situations and force them to make mistakes, but every now and then there are periods in which their respective opponents can push the scoreboard back.

Unlike what the Swedes did in this tournament, for example, the Maple Leafs aren’t capable of 60 minutes of high-performance ice hockey — and that must be taken into account when Canada makes the Norway tip.

For many reasons, I see a real opportunity for the Norwegians, who can offer you some successful and profitable ice hockey bets with verified providers. Happypet can help.

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