July 15, 2024

Music for We Help: Concert by the Durlach Wind Philharmonic Orchestra

Music for We Help: Concert by the Durlach Wind Philharmonic Orchestra

Of myths and giants

Concert by the Wind Philharmonic at Musikforum Durlach for BNN “We Help” on March 4, 2023.

The Badnerlandhalle Festival is almost full this Saturday evening when around 50 musicians from the Wind Philharmonic Orchestra at Musikforum Durlach descend from the gallery onto the stage.

Stefan Brutel, head of the BNN editorial office on Lammstraße, welcomes the third concert this year in the BNN Foundation series “We help” and thanks everyone who came and supported this good cause with the entrance fee. He does not want to use many words, preferring instead to leave the stage open to voices.

These sounds also with the first piece, Chanson d`Amour, very lively across the hall, the audience partly swaying in their chairs.

The Music Forum’s first president, Andrea Faustner, leads during the evening. Promised unforgettable music from unforgettable musicians in a time when music is fast moving, this evening should belong to the giants and legends of music history.

It doesn’t count much. Under the direction of conductor Peter Faustner, the orchestra moves with such pieces as “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, Cuban music from “Buena Vista Social Club”, “Musical Thriatlon” in Bohemian Rhapsody of the legendary group Queen or the unsurpassed farewell song “It’s Time to Say Goodbye” . But film music, African-American sounds, funk and jazz can also be heard. It is about melancholy, the joy of life, hope, and the question of what it really is like when the moon whispers.

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The music inspires with its symphonic sound and great variety with many solo performances of different musical instruments. There are moments of chills and tender, soulful, swaying melodies that make it hard to stay seated.

Stephan Brutel praises the orchestra for its “professional musical making” and after two encores and prolonged applause the concert ends after over 90 minutes of musical entertainment of the highest quality.