March 2, 2024

Food and Drink: What Makes an English Breakfast – Entertainment

He’s glad he can secure the future of the item that is most definitely in danger: baked beans. As the BBC recently reported, white beans (beans) grown in Great Britain have been successfully used in the dish baked with tomato sauce for the first time. More than two million cans of cooked beans are eaten daily in Great Britain, with beans coming from the USA, Canada, Ethiopia and China. It will likely be some time before British beans reach supermarkets. But farmer Andrew Ward has already spoken of a “huge achievement”. “The fact that we are able to produce something in such large quantities that we consume in such large quantities in this country is incredible.”

Changes throughout history

The breakfast tradition is old. Centuries ago, wealthy Anglo-Saxons used their cuisine and hunting success to impress friends and foes. The focus on English also came about because of the Norman Conquest, as the invaders brought with them new words and new foods. Later, the nouveau riche adopted the tradition, and as the Industrial Revolution put more money in their pockets, more and more people were able to afford a decent breakfast.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the English breakfast appeared in its current standardized form, and is now served in a very similar and popular way in bed and breakfasts, hotels, cafes and trains. Then I knew what you had. In the early 1950s, about half of Britons began their day fully learning English. That changed a long time ago. If you work in an office, it is best to avoid eating a large amount of calories. That’s why, for many people, the Big British Breakfast is something for the weekend. For community leader Polly, it makes sense: “The best English breakfast is at home,” he says with a laugh.

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