May 22, 2024

The palace is angry about announcements regarding Princess Kate and King Charles

It was said on Tuesday that Princess Kate will attend an important appointment in June. Because of her surgery, this was seen as a ray of hope. Now back off.

An appointment with Princess Kate announced by the British Army causes confusion in the United Kingdom. The Army removed a notice on Wednesday night saying the future queen would rehearse for the King's Birthday Parade on June 8. This exact date for the traditional “Trooping the Colour” event was officially announced yesterday, t-online also reported.

So now I've backed out and there's no appointment with Kate on June 8th? Kensington Palace was surprised by the announcement and has not yet confirmed the participation of Prince William's wife. On Tuesday evening, the website where spectators can book tickets for the event said Kate's official address was: “Reviewed by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales.” Wednesday morning the notice was missing.

Buckingham Palace is not amused

The royal family continues to keep a low profile. Officially, it only says that the princess is currently recovering from an abdominal operation for which she was hospitalized in January, and will be missing until at least Easter. In fact, Kate has not undertaken any public duties since Christmas.

According to the report, the Ministry of Defense allegedly angered royal family staff with its premature statement. Especially since it was the first event announced for the princess since she stepped down from her official duties to recover after surgery that was performed on January 16. The newspaper quoted a source as saying that Kensington Palace and “no one else” had confirmed the attendance of the Prince and Princess of Wales at the events.

As well as the statement about King Charles III. Suddenly missing

Kate is expected to attend public appointments again before the military parade in June. After her surgery at a private London hospital in January, Kensington Palace said she would remain out until Easter and would have to reschedule all appointments made until then.

Prince William's wife was seen last Monday with her mother, Carole Middleton, in a car near Windsor Castle for the first time after surgery. Kate was seen wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat while her mother drove the car. This sparked renewed speculation about her health. Popular media criticized the photos, speculating that they were a sign that the 42-year-old was not in good health. However, there is no evidence for this.

The uproar surrounding the MoD's premature announcement and conspiracy theories surrounding Kate aren't the only reasons the British royal family is currently increasingly busy with press work. Because on the same page as the princess, the army also mentioned King Charles III. The official presentation will take place on June 15. This notice has also now been deleted overnight. The 75-year-old monarch is currently undergoing treatment for an unspecified cancer.

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