May 21, 2024

Shocking diagnosis: Princess Kate has cancer

Great Britain

Updated March 22, 2024 at 9:54 p.m

The UK is experiencing its next royal health scare. After weeks of speculation and rumours, Princess Kate announced in an unprecedented video message on Friday that she had received a cancer diagnosis and was receiving chemotherapy as a precaution. It is likely that the most famous English patient will only attend appointments again when her doctors give the go-ahead.

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Until now, the palace has always maintained that the 42-year-old would return to public life after Easter. This means that two of the most important and popular members of the royal family will be gone for a long time: including Kate's father-in-law. King Charles III He is being treated for cancer.

He said the diagnosis was “of course a huge shock.” KateWho is sitting on a park bench in the video message. With a striped jacket and jeans, she looks very slim. Husband of the heir to the throne Prince William They would do everything to address this and deal with it with their families. “It took some time to recover from the serious surgery before I could start treatment.”

But above all, they needed time, their three children Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) and to “explain to them and reassure them in an appropriate manner that I will be fine.” The family will skip the royal Easter celebrations. Kate did not reveal an exact diagnosis.

Two weeks ago Kate was in the hospital

This is the second serious announcement from Kensington Palace about the future queen's health this year. It was initially reported in mid-January that Kate had undergone planned abdominal surgery. After 13 days in a private London clinic, she was discharged home and has been recovering there ever since. Here too, no exact diagnosis is known. But at that time, it was confirmed that it was not cancer.

Kate has now confirmed that this was not a mistake. “However, tests performed after the surgery showed the presence of cancer. My medical team therefore advised me to undergo preventive chemotherapy and I am now in the early stages of this treatment.”

King Charles III comments on Kate's illness

King Charles He praised the openness of his “beloved daughter-in-law.” Buckingham Palace said the Queen was “very proud of Catherine for her courage” in speaking publicly about her illness.

The last time Kate appeared in public was on Christmas Day, when she attended a church service with the royal family. The long absence has led to high speculation and sometimes ridiculous conspiracy theories on social media in recent weeks. He criticized the British Prime Minister on Friday Rishi Sunak These rumors are severe. The Prime Minister stressed that Kate has the same privacy when it comes to health issues as all other people. He was sure that the whole country wished the princess a speedy recovery.

Uproar about family photo manipulation

For the royal family, Kate's public statement ends a long period in which she lost control of the narrative. These speculations have recently been discussed more and more in the palace-friendly popular media, even reaching the reputable BBC. The most notable negative was that Kensington Palace published a photo of Kate and her children allegedly taken by William on Mother's Day in England, which was immediately retracted by international news agencies due to manipulation. Some then expressed doubts about the palace as a reliable source.

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For the royal family, whose power and popularity depend on its public presence, this was the worst-case scenario. “I must be seen to be believed,” was the famous slogan of the late Queen Elizabeth II. And this has been the case with her son Charles since his illness: the King meets Sunak, reads good wishes, meets people. Ambassadors – Even after his cancer, there are enough photos of the head of state. But so far from Kate: nothing. Except for a paparazzi photo that showed her in the car next to her mother and an eyewitness video in which she and William were said to be seen shopping.

Kate wants to encourage those affected

With the announcement of her cancer diagnosis, the princess is now trying to take her fate into her own hands. She said in the video that she also wanted to encourage other affected people, and now she resembles her father-in-law, who openly justified his decision to go public with education.

For a long time, displays of personal emotion were alien to members of the royal family; Their motto was: “Never complain, never explain” – never complain, never explain. It seems that this tactic has finally come to an end. In the age of social media, the royals also have to adapt their transparency. (mss/dpa)

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