May 24, 2024

Prince Harry's visit to London: Will he bring his family?

Prince Harry is scheduled to return to London at the beginning of next May. It is unclear whether Meghan and the children will accompany him. Experts are sure that the best solution for the Sussexes would be to appear together in England.

Will Prince Harry, 39, come to London in May? If so, will he take his family with him? These are the questions that are currently on the minds of royal fans. In a few weeks, celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games will take place in the British capital. Prince Harry launched the sporting event for wounded and sick soldiers. Maybe he doesn't want to miss the anniversary celebration.

However, royal experts consider the possible return of Harry's wife, Duchess Meghan (42), to Great Britain unlikely. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as senior royals in 2020 and moved to the United States. They live in Montecito, California, with their two children, Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2.

Is Meghan 'finished' with Britain?

According to media reports, a mass for the Invictus Games will be held on May 8 at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Neither Harry nor Meghan's participation has yet to be officially confirmed. Marilyn Koenig, royal historian. GB News has doubts about the return Duchess of Sussex to Great Britain. “I don't think Meghan will be visiting the UK anytime soon. I think she's done with that. Unless there's something important like a funeral. But Harry and Meghan's life is in the US.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's last visit to the United Kingdom with their two children was in June 2022 on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). Harry and Meghan will also attend the Queen's state funeral in September 2022.

Prince Harry then attended some appointments in England alone, for example, he was in London for various court proceedings against the British press. Also for the coronation of his father, Charles III. (75) On May 6, 2023, he appeared alone and quickly returned to his home. His son Archie celebrates his birthday on May 6th. This could also play a role in the Invictus Games celebrations.

Prince Harry's “Sleepless Nights”?

Or will the Sussexes celebrate Archie's birthday with King Charles in England this time? The king, who rarely sees his grandchildren living in the United States, suffers from cancer. Prince Harry took a short trip to London at the beginning of February after learning of the diagnosis.

Plans for a potential visit in May are now supposed to cause unrest for Harry. It would give Harry and Meghan “sleepless nights” thinking about what to do, Royal expert and author Tom Quinn believes this, according to The Mirror.

The expert continued that Harry will have to do something to “acknowledge the enormous difficulties his family is going through.” However, the Duke of Sussex will not do or say anything that might make it appear “as if he does not wholeheartedly support his constantly insulted wife.”

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Could there be a reconciliation with William and Kate?

Prince Harry's last meeting with his father at the beginning of February reportedly only lasted a few minutes. It appears he didn't even see his brother, Prince William, 41, and his wife, Princess Kate, 42, during the short trip. It has been known since the end of March that Kate also has cancer.

The relationship between Harry and his family is tense. After their move to the United States, the Sussexes attacked members of the royal family in interviews, and in a Netflix documentary and Harry's autobiography, “Spare.”

Tom Quinn told the Mirror: “Harry would like to reconcile with his sister-in-law, brother and father.” “He's now more relaxed about things after speaking out on Spare and in several interviews, but he doesn't know how to go about it and convince Meghan to join him.”

According to the British newspaper Express. Serving on the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games in London will also be important for Harry and Meghan to look their best again in the eyes of the British public. A source told the newspaper: “It is seen as an important event, almost on par with what a member of the royal family would do.”

She added: “It is a good cause for which Harry is the main ambassador, and it will be a good starting point for the Sussexes to improve relations with the royal family and the British people.” However, the engagement of the couple's children “is still up in the air as they will only come to the UK if their mother decides to participate,” the insider said. “Harry hopes they will accompany him so they can all celebrate the service and everyone can meet his family while they are there.”

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