The OnePlus 10 Pro camera is actually a thing for professionals

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(Pocket-lint) – In case you haven’t heard, OnePlus is in the process of releasing a new phone: the OnePlus 10 Pro, with a release date of January 11th in China.

She already has quite a bit of design too From the main specifications And now the company has detailed some of the features we can expect from the cameras. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely aimed at advanced creators.

By collaborating with Hasselblad, OnePlus has done a great deal of work in terms of color calibration and processing, and with the 10 Pro, it goes a step further.


The new phone will offer RAW + images with 10-bit color support, which means that its cameras can capture more than a billion colors.

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According to OnePlus, this means that more than 64 times the color has been recorded On OnePlus 9 Pro and supported by all three cameras.

These three cameras are basic, ultra-wide, and telephoto zoom, and it’s the ultra-wide camera that saw the biggest change in the next phone.

oneplusOnePlus 10 Pro Camera Photo 6

The new ultra-wide sensor can take shots of up to 150 degrees, which is much wider than usual ultra-wide sensors, so you can fit more in an image.

There’s also a fisheye feature that simulates the effect of a fisheye lens if you want to get a little creative. Whether it does that well or not remains to be seen, it could be one of the classic OnePlus features that many look at as simple and fun only for a few days.

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OnePlus isn’t just trying to please photographers with its next camera. There’s a new movie mode that might be perfect for aspiring videographers.

oneplusOnePlus 10 Pro camera photo 2

In movie mode you can adjust ISO, shutter speed and other controls, and in LOG mode you can shoot without a preset color profile so that you can then color correct in the editing suite.

OnePlus 10 Pro will be launched on January 11th at 2 PM HKST. At this point, you’ll take a closer look at all the things OnePlus hasn’t told us yet.

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